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Laura Clarke
Hello~! This is flora chan (*^^*)

people know me well from deviantart and Pixiv, you can find me on tumblr, twitter and Livestream. I am a student at university doing illustration, I do commissions with my art online to buy things I actually want. As in job wishes I been applying for publishing illustrator or greeting cards/gift ideas.

I am really in love with anime so I collect a lot of things towards it and nothing more XD RPG Japan games are a love~! I have Nintendo Wii, Wii U and DS lite, hopefully to get a 3DS. I really want a PS4 when it comes out. I collect art books from artists, manga, Douhi, I paint my own figures since they cheaper to do and I am pretty good at it o_o I should sell.

I actually sell my art at anime conventions with prints and items~! mostly Telford, Manchester and London. The other conventions are not big enough to even worth my money towards, hopefully go Japan and sell my art at Tokyo~! I also cosplay with my partner and friends~! I don't do it a lot but it's a lot of fun when I know what I am buying and if it needs fixing.

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